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Mountain Essential Oils Works Miracles

Being raised in Pennsylvania, we have a longing for the mountains ans so we recently traveled back to do some hiking near our hometowns.  We took our Puggle Oliver with us.  Oliver does not like car rides and lays on the floor of the back seat of the car.  When we got to the hotel he was shaking and very uncomfortable and anxiety ridden.  He barked at everyone who walked down the hall.  It was a long night.

We felt bad we could not comfort him.  The next morning, on our way to the trailhead, we passed a large farmer’s market in Ligonier.  Ligonier is a quaint town similar to Plymouth and so we decided to stop.  After walking around for awhile, we met Michelle.

Michelle is the owner of Mountain Essentials, a company that blends essential oils to treat treat various symptoms and uplift your spirits.  We asked her if she had a formula that would address Oliver’s anxiety and was pet safe.  She advised us to try Hang Loose.  She explained that this product is great for joint pain, arthritis, stress and anxiety. It would not only help sooth Ollie, but also help us if we had joint or muscle pain from the hiking we were about to do.

Based on her advice, we bought the bottle and applied it to his ears and the tip of this tail.  His shaking in the car

Oliver at the mountain top where Dave & Pat got engaged over 30 years ago
Oliver at the mountain top where Dave & Pat got engaged over 30 years ago

immediately calmed down and he was more at peace.  During the hike, Dave overused a hamstring muscle, so he applied the oil to his leg.  Within minutes, his pain subsided.  That night, we used the oil on our areas of discomfort and found an almost immediate improvement.  We applied it to Oliver’s tail tip and paws and he slept better and was calmer in the hotel.

Since then, we have hiked the high peaks in Colorado, the canyons of Utah, the deserts of Nevada and the beaches of California.  We took the oil in our pack wherever we went and used it generously whenever we felt muscle pain or discomfort.  It was like magic!

We love this product and decided to make it and other products from Mountain Essentials available to you.  It is very affordable and a little goes a long way!  Stick one in the stocking of your favorite person this holiday.  Come in and browse the product line and see what else might work for you.  We offer :

  • Hang Loose –  Good for skeletal system, Stress and Anxiety
  • Surrender – Tension blend (roll on)
  • Happy Belly – Aids Digestion, clams nausea (Roll on)
  • Breathe Deeply – Sinus, congestion, coughs, and respiratory issues (Roll on)
  • Mend & Restore – Reduces muscle cramping, tension and bruising
  • Chill Out – Calms anxiety, soothes nerves, great for hot flashes, cools the skin (spray)
  • Purple Rain – Helps insomnia and promotes calm and peacefulness (spray)
  • Be On Guard – Immune system booster; naturally kills bacteria, viruses and molds.  Can also use as a hand sanitizer and for a sore throat (Spray)
  • Ultimate Women’s Blend – Relieves stress & anxiety, reduces mental and physical fatigue, helps with PMS, cramping and pain
  • Immune Support – supports immune system, helps relieve pain and cramping, cleanses and purifies, relaxes mind and body and intensifies meditation

You should know that Mountain Essentials uses doTerra essential oils which is the highest quality of essential oils you can buy today.  These oils and Michelle’s wisdom, insight and intuition is why they are so effective.  So why suffer.  Try some today and let go of your pain.

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