The Lingham – Sacred Energies of Truth, Kundalini Arising and the Divine Marriage

Once you see a lingam, you will never forget it!  It is a uniquely shaped and colored stone that has deep symbolism and healing powers.  The symbolism behind the Shiva Lingam is exciting. 

This egg shaped crystalline quartz stone originates in one of India’s holy sites.  The classic feature of the lingam is the reddish spots and lines on a tan or brownish background.  The elongated egg shape, almost oval in nature, is considered phallic, representing the phallus of Hindu god Shiva.  Shiva symbolizes the creative force or the primal energy from which life and creation emerges. The female is represented in the reddish spots and lines, representing the blood of the woman, combining with the seed of the masculine, giving birth to life. 

The union of the sacred masculine and feminine energies of the stone activates the kundalini energy, which rises and activates the chakras, and brings enlightenment.  The Shiva Lingam is said to be a representation of the infinite Cosmic Column of Fire.

The stone represents the energies of the four elements, fire, water, earth and air.  The fire element of the lingam is said to help awaken kundalini energies, amping up the energy in the whole chakra system.  If you need more energy and vitality, carry or sleep with a lingam to recharge the system.  Meditating with the lingam is also advised. 

Scientists are coming around to what is said in esoteric legends that there may be a field of knowledge in the collective unconscious that holds the memory of traditions, human ritual, and belief.  It may be possible to access it through the sacred lingam.  The lingam has been considered a talisman, and because it is quartz, it can connect to all who have used it throughout time and space.

The stone affects the electromagnetic field of the body and stimulates the meridians.  It provides healing and strength to all areas of the body.  The lingam helps one see the polarities, and unites the different aspects of the self with loving acceptance.  It aids us in seeing that the differences we see in others are aspects of the Creator God.  We can more easily overcome judgments and criticism and be more connected to all. 

Use this stone if you are suffering from infertility, reproductive or sexual disorders.  If you want to let old patterns die, destroy old ways of being and experience a rebirth to a higher state of being, choose the Lingam as your stone to support you on the journey. 

 Some say that this is a stone that you should not share with others, but maintain it for your personal use.   Use this stone of sacred truth to tap into the truth of who you are!

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