Finding Peace In Times of Chaos

rock cairn in calm water

Imagine A World

Imagine a world where no matter what is going on directly in your life or indirectly in the outside world, you are able to find your center and stay grounded.  A world where you can find peace in times of chaos, drama and trauma. Imagine a world where such desires were realized.

Control Is An Illusion Of Safety

To find peace most people look outside themselves. They seek to control their world in such a way that no harm can come to them. They seek safety in the form of jobs, money, houses, friends, family. But everyday there is news that is disconcerting and that affect everyone on the planet.  We cannot control enough of everything to ever feel satisfied and peaceful since there are forces that are beyond our control.

There Is Another Way

There seems to be nothing you can do. And yet we try even harder.  We struggle. We succeed some.  We fail some. Yet we still feel uneasy and even hopeless at times.   But what if there was another way?

We Invite You

We invite you to learn another way to being, to reset you energy, to relax and rejuvenate and come into the Sanctuary of Peace.  Join us for our weekend getaway and retreat at the Inn At The Rustic Gate in Big Rapids, MI from Friday Evening to Sunday noon August 18 to 20.  Call 231-796-2328 to register or 734-416-5200 to learn more.

This gentle program is perfect if you are ready to enjoy a different way of living your life.  In a safe and compassionate environment we will use inquiry, beginning yoga, conscious breathing breathwork, meditation, and invocations, affirmations and sound healing to realign your energy to your inner being where perfect peace resides.

No Greater Gift

There really is no greater gift than giving yourself peace and tranquility.  Your health will improve, your mind will be more clear, you will sleep better.  You will feel uplifted, inspired and passionate about living your life the way it was meant to be lived.  and when you give this give to you you automatically give it to others who are in your life because the higher vibrations of love, peace and gratitude that you generate cannot but help to uplift others as well.  This is Divine Law and so it is.

Your Instructors

Pat & Dave; Co-founders of BodyWorks

Your instructors are Dave and Pat Krajovic and Amy Brusca.  David and his wife Pat are owners of award-winning Bodyworks Healing Center in Plymouth, MI  and the Global Breath Institute, David and Pat created Ascension Breathwork which leads others to gain mental clarity, calm emotional turmoil, restore personal power, find inner peace and live an extraordinary life.  They are available for private sessions, group programs and speaking engagements.

Amy is a board certified massage therapist who has been practicing for over 15 years and is trained in a number of advanced therapies.  She is a yoga instructor with over 500 hours of instruction and is a seeker of truth.


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