Nurture Your Heart With Rose Quartz

What better time than Valentines Day to talk about the stone that promotes the healing and nurturing of heart issues:  Rose Quartz!  The vibration of the beautiful, soft pink color promotes understanding and empathy and reduces aggressive tendencies.  It is thought to encourage harmony and love.

Rose quartz is said to assist the user with opening to self esteem, self love and compassion, and positive body image.  When we learn to love ourselves, an amazing thing happens!  We are able to truly love others.  Working with rose quartz helps heal the emotional body as we begin to truly feel our emotions. It helps eliminate feelings of loneliness, grief, fear, and heartache and can support emotional release and healing.  This stone can help foster inner peace, acceptance and forgiveness of self and others. Rose quartz aids in the opening to the Goddess and Goddess within. 

If you have suppressed rage or are not skilled at managing your emotions, wearing this stone may stir up your emotions and you may feel chaos and turbulence, allowing for a release of these pent up emotions.  If using this stone creates anxiety, change your approach and/or contact a crystal healer who can support you in the gentle release of these uncontrolled emotions.  Emotional stress can be locked in any part of the body where it restricts the flow of energy.  The body, then, becomes more susceptible to dis-ease and illness.  Energy healing can assist in the release of these pent up emotions.  Rose quartz is said to be effective in the relief of inflammation and localized pain.  Place this stone on the affected body part and it will calm and restore healthy flow of energy.  Rose quartz enhances the aura of any room so place it near you and enjoy its natural beauty!

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