Massage Therapy

Located in Plymouth Michigan, we offer many types of massage, energy healing, Ayurveda and much more.


12 Day Detox Program

Experience What It Feels Like Experience what it is feels like to completely purify your body and cleanse your entire system of stored up toxins that have been weighing you down for years. This is a whole foods based detox that will help you kick start your weight loss! Drop up to 5 pounds and Read More

30 Day Fit and Healthy Jump Start

If you’ve been struggling to melt those stubborn extra pounds and get back in shape, and you’re tired of trying crazy diets that don’t work, you’ll want to keep reading. Let’s face it…It can be confusing, frustrating and a bit overwhelming to know what to do for long-term success. There’s so much conflicting information everywhere Read More

90 Day Health Wellness Intensive

Welcome to Your Transformation! Imagine what your life would be like if you felt energized, empowered and comfortable in your own skin again. You’re busy, busy, busy, and you haven’t found the time to take care of yourself the way you know you should. You feel stressed out and quite frankly, a bit worn out. Read More

Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness Bars can help you effortlessly receive what is good in life.  To access what is good you need to let go of all the old thoughts and beliefs you have ever had that limit you.  This is your chance to create a life anew! Change doesn’t have to be hard Have you ever noticed Read More

Amethyst BioMat

The Amethyst BioMat combines the warming power of the suns far infra-red rays, the healing power of amethyst crystals and the rejuvenating power of nature’s negative ions into one easy to use, remarkable healing therapy. Amethyst BioMat Can Benefit Anyone The Amethyst BioMat benefits everyone. Whether is stress or pain relief, the need to detoxify, lose weight, Read More

CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is an effective and proven alternative therapy that relieves a host of negative symptoms and provides improvement when other methods have failed.  It is endorsed by DOs, MDs, DCs, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Massage Therapists around the world. CranioSacral is a gentle light touch therapy CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on  method Read More

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage therapy technique that focuses on the deepest layers of muscle tissue Deep Tissue Massage frees tight muscles Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic and acute muscle tension through deeper and more direct pressure.  It uses slower strokes and can apply pressure across the grain of the muscle.  It Read More

Energy Healing

Energy Healing delicately balances the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of a person.  Whenever one of these states is out of balance with the others, a person’s overall system becomes imbalanced. Life energy is in everything Although quantum physics now tells us that what underlies solid matter is energy, ancient mystics have known this for thousands Read More

Esoteric Healing

The energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. Within the energy field are seven major centers, the Chakras. They are located at or near, major nerve centers or ganglia within the body. Each of these Chakras energizes its related nerve center, endocrine gland and internal organ system. It is within this energy field that Read More

Healing Crystals

Science has verified that crystals, stones and minerals vibrate at certain energy frequencies unique to the type of stone. Healing Crystals align and harmonize energy Coincidentally, or not, out bodies also vibrate at certain frequencies.  Pain, illness and fatigue result when our body’s frequencies are out of alignment.  The use of crystals, stones and minerals and their Read More