Massage at Bodyworks in Plymouth Protects the Heart

Therapist work on gluteal muscles

As we get older our heart deteriorates.  Arterial walls harden, chambers in the heart enlarge, inflammation increases, and the heart is less efficient.  The heart must work harder to achieve the same result.  Often it does not resulting in you feeling tired and less willing to engage life.  It also increases the risk of heart attacks and other heart disease.  However, and there is a however …

The Research Demonstrates Massage Helps The Heart

Research demonstrates that adding massage therapy to your health care regime will keep your heart healthier longer.  And …. the sooner you start the better.  Don’t wait till you are feeling the Woman laying down receiving a reiki treatmenteffects of aging.  Start now.  It is the best time.  You can’t don anything about the past, but you can affect your today and tomorrow by choosing differently now.  Choose massage!

The following article gives  insight into the benefits of massage and supporting research.

Our aging population is expected to double by the year 2050. As we grow older, our heart and circulatory system are both especially vulnerable. More than 70% of Americans between the ages of 60-79, and 80% of Americans over the age of 80, have some type of cardiovascular system condition. The brain, blood vessels, and heart are most at risk. There are many risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, being overweight, and inactivity. However, the normal aging process naturally leads to a predisposition for struggles of the heart. So even if we don’t have any of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, it is still beneficial to consider how our heart is affected by growing older, and ways to bolster our heart’s strength

Research shows, that by adding massage therapy to one’s health care routine, the older adult population may keep their hearts healthier longer. This is because massage has far reaching benefits to support the aging process of the heart.

Massage Is a Non-Invasive Way to Protect Your Heart

Massage therapy is a proactive way to care for one’s heart. Massage therapy is a non-invasive approach to ease age related symptoms for the older adult. It is known that massage is especially powerful at lowering stress and anxiety. By relaxing the body and decreasing stress levels, professional massage therapy is proven to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

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