Massage for Active People and Sports Enthusiasts

woman getting a massage

It’s summer and the courts, golf courses, and pools are busy with children and adults playing hard. People, jogging, walking, biking, hiking, playing volleyball, soccer, tennis and more.  Because of our passion, sometimes we play a little too hard. We become plagued by aches and pains or even an injury. We reach for the pain relievers and anti-inflammatories and hope to feel better soon.

Massage helps prevent injuries

Don’t forget — massage can help! Your body tends to build up tension over time as you challenge it to work harder in your sport. Massage reduces muscle tension, which increases your flexibility and resiliency. Specific massage techniques can also prevent soreness and injury before they happen.   We are planning a hiking trip in the Rockies this summer and will definitely limber up with a massage before leaving to help minimize the possibility of overuse injuries.

Healing from overuse

A group of techniques, sometimes called sports massage, can help you heal from strains, sprains and overuse. Along with reducing pain, all types of massage help decrease inflammation and swelling, which speeds healing and recovery.  We all enjoy our freedom and mobility so massage can get you back to enjoying what you do quickly and effectively.

Improved performance

What may be even more amazing is that massage can even help you perform better, whether that’s a half-marathon, tennis match or weekend baseball tournament.
And it can help you recover afterward, too. So if you have something big scheduled this summer, schedule a massage a few days before or the day afterward — or both.

Professional athletes do it

Professional athletes have counted on massage for years to help them improve their skills and prevent injury. So why shouldn’t you schedule an extra massage
or two this summer to help you feel and  perform your best.

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