Three Reasons To Keep Your Appointment

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Stay relaxed in the midst of the summer whirlwind

Between vacations, playing with the kids, community events and projects around the home, summertime is busy time. With massage, you can stay both deeply relaxed and grounded — like soaking in the warmth of the sun. But because you are so busy, you may forget to reschedule, or have to cancel your regular massage appointment.

Three great reasons

Why is it important to continue receiving massage?

1. Having the time to slow down, review your life and listen to your body can balance your mind and restore your energy.
2. Massage can knead away muscle tension and help maintain your flexibility, which can help prevent injuries from sports or gardening.
3. Traveling can be hard on the body. Long hours sitting in the car, or worse, the airplane, can restrict your blood flow and cause uncomfortable tightness, especially in your legs. To compound this, standing in lines, or walking for hours on concrete can contribute to pain in the low back and feet. Massage improves circulation, and relieves pain in the back, legs and feet.

Rearrange if you have to

Schedule massage when the kids are in swim lesson, late in the day or on Saturday mornings you are around the house. But make a point to keep your regular appointments, even if you have to adjust the time to fit into a hectic schedule. Massage may be just the ticket for a great summer!

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