Myofascial Release Technique at BodyWorks in Plymouth MI

Why soft muscles can still feel stuck? Have you ever noticed that soft and relaxed muscles can still feel stuck? Something else is binding, limiting movement and flexibility and maybe even causing pain. This is likely due to tight fascia. Fascia is the tissue that surrounds and underlies the skin and muscles. It is the Read More

Neuro Muscular Therapy (NMT)

For acute and stubborn pain that normal massage therapy does not seem to help, NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) may be the answer.  NMT is based on research that identifies the fundamental causes of pain. Scientific laws that explain how the central nervous system initiates pain responses in the body provides the foundational support for NMT. NeuroMuscular Therapy is Read More

Paraffin Treatment

After your first experience with a Paraffin Wax Therapy everyone has the same response: how wonderful and rejuvenating it feels.  The warmth soothingly stimulates the reflex points of hands and feet sending pulses of healing energy throughout the body. You may be surprised at what Paraffin Therapy Treatments can do for you. Although many consider it a Read More


Pillossage is a groundbreaking form of Thermal Therapy that is a fresh approach to helping your body feel good. The creator of Pillossage, Karen Kowal likes to refer to it as the “Yummy Factor.”  It uses Mother Earth Pillows® and the special skills of your massage therapist to create a massage session you’ll likely never Read More

Pregnancy Massage: PreNatal and PostNatal

Pregnancy Massage is a massage therapy protocol that specifically focuses the mother to be.  It also continues to post birth as well.  This form of therapeutic bodywork is known as Prenatal and Postnatal Massage. Massage Therapy during and after pregnancy enhances a mother’s well being.  While pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful time for the Read More