Raindrop Technique®

People Love Raindrop Technique®. Over 99% of people surveyed said they would like another Raindrop session and 90% said they felt healthier for it.

While Raindrop Technique® is thought to be a form of massage therapy; it is more different than similar. Raindrop Therapy owes its power to the use of 9 High Grade Essential Oils (7 Essential Oils and 2 Blends). Because these oils have been clinically tested to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, they have many uses and benefits.

Here is a brief summary of conditions that have been treated and benefits received with Raindrop Treatment …

Conditions Treated

  • Chronic pain
  • Colds and flu
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Poor sleep

Benefits of Raindrop Therapy

  • Align body’s systems
  • Anti viral and anti bacterial
  • Enhance immune system
  • Releases toxins
  • Increases available cellular oxygen

Raindrop helps spinal misalignments

Many types of spinal misalignments are caused by viruses and bacteria that nest along the spine and can cause inflammation and spinal misalignment. Through the application of the oils on the spine, Raindrop Technique® can reduce inflammation and restore balance. Due to a lessening of pressure and tension along the spine, the body has been known to lengthen by ½ to 1 inch as disc space between the vertebrae is increased. Because raindrop brings the body’s systems into alignment, it has even been known to show a visible improvement in scoliosis!

Raindrop helps oxygenate the body and reduce stress and inflammation

Stress is a known oxygen inhibitor and disruptor to the body’s circulatory system; therefore, stress can intensify the inflammation resulting in pain and even greater misalignment. Because Raindrop Technique® is so relaxing; it can further help reduce the inflammation and misalignments of the spine.

Raindrop Technique® supports the immune system

Everyone has viruses and bacteria that continually challenge and weaken our immune system. Everyone benefits from Raindrop Therapy because of its immune supporting affect and the release of any spinal nerve impingement.

Long lasting benefits

Wonderfully soothing, nurturing and relaxing, Raindrop Therapy can work its benefits in the body for days to weeks or months after the application. The relief from the pressure that has built up over the years is simply, deeply, profoundly relaxing.

The magic of essential oils

Essential Oils are distilled from all parts of the plant into concentrated liquids. Since these oils are applied directly to the skin, only thepurest grade of oil should be used. This is why we use only Young Living Essential

We use only the highest grade of essential oils available
We use only the highest grade of essential oils available

Oils which are harvested from only Organic Plants. These oils have the ability to enter cellular membranes and begin their therapeutic benefits within minutes. We had already talked about the Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory properties of the oils but when applied topically to the body or inhaled, the oils can act as a(n):

  • Antiseptic
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Oxygen generator
  • Chelator of toxins
  • Sleep aid
  • Adaptogen
  • Topical healing agent
  • Aid to circulation

The three segments in a Raindrop Therapy Session:

  1. Raindrop begins with a specific sequence of seven essential oils and two blended ones that are gently dropped on the back like little drops of rain. They are lightly massaged into the skin using various techniques. A light feathering technique is used that was brought over from the Native American Lakota tradition to enhance the healing energies.
  2. Next a warm towel soaked in hot water is applied to the back to enhance absorption of the oils into the body.
  3. The third sequence is the Vitaflex Protocol. It is a Tibetan foot reflexology technique that means “vitality through the reflexes”. The therapist applies slightly different oils to the feet while stimulating certain points on the foot. The slight pressure applied to the foot creates an electric charge that is therapeutic to the body. Vitalfex can be had as a separate therapy by itself.

Benefits of Raindrop Technique®

Raindrop is gentle in its application but powerful in its results!
Raindrop is gentle in its application but powerful in its results!

You can enjoy numerous benefits as the result of receiving a Raindrop Treatment. Here are a few:

  • Balances the Body’s Energy Centers – The combination of techniques along with the vibrational energy of the oils restores balance to the body’s energy centers (chakras). Each energy center affects multiple organs and systems creating an overall effect of enhanced well-being.
  • Relieves Stress and Reduces Anxiety – Therapeutic essential oils act like adaptogens and normalize the nervous system. They enhance positive emotions like joy and laughter and release negative emotions like depression, regret and anger. Because the oils are so effective at penetrating the cellular membrane, they can affect the limbic system of the brain that controls our mood which affects our behavior.
  • Manual Spinal Adjustments Not Required– Spinal adjustments occur naturally without manipulation as pressure is reduced, stress relieved and balance restored. Sometimes there is an increase in the length of the spine when pressure between vertebrae is reduced.
  • Reduces Inflammation – Wintergreen, peppermint and thyme are used in Raindrop Therapy and their anti-inflammatory nature has been proven over and over again.
  • Relaxes Muscles and Tendons – The anti-inflammatory benefits mentioned above will help contracted, sore and stressed muscles.
  • Helps Joint Discomfort – Much joint discomfort comes from inflamed joints or tight tendons and muscles that cause small misalignments in the joints creating pain and discomfort. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oils helps mitigate the pain and discomfort.
  • Helps Improve Immune function – Thyme and Oregano essential oils help the body release toxins and support the immune system. Because they are anti-oxidants, they help eradicate harmful viruses and bacteria that cannot live in an oxygenated environment.
  • Reduces Pain – Most effective for reducing joint pain and back pain but the analgesic ingredients in the essential oils help reduce overall chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Detoxifies the Body – The essential oils used in Raindrop Technique® are high in phenols which cleanse cellular receptor sites. This action enhances the lymphatic system and is necessary for your body to rid itself of the toxins it is exposed to on a daily basis.
  • Aids Circulation and Oxygenation – Essential oils such as cypress, thyme, marjoram and peppermint can help increase circulation as a circulatory stimulant. These oils also have properties that enhance oxygenation at the cellular level. Access to available oxygen is essential to a healthy and vibrant body.
  • Enhanced Positive Outlook – Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and effect the limbic system where emotions are stored in the “brain’s emotional computer”.

It’s clear the benefits of Raindrop Technique® go well beyond the physical. Raindrop will not only help reduce pain and discomfort but help improve your outlook toward life. The effects of Raindrop can last for weeks and even months simply because it sets in motion the body’s natural healing process. It’s no wonder that 99% of the people surveyed said they would like to receive another Raindrop Treatment.