Pregnancy Massage: PreNatal and PostNatal

Pregnancy Massage is a massage therapy protocol that specifically focuses the mother to be.  It also continues to post birth as well.  This form of therapeutic bodywork is known as Prenatal and Postnatal Massage.

Massage Therapy during and after pregnancy enhances a mother’s well being.  While pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful time for the mother to be, the changes bring additional challenges.  Pregnancy massage can help minimize these challenges by reducing stress and minimizing the neck and back pain typical of pregnancy.  Because it reduces the mother’s overall stress and promotes wellness, it also creates a more stress free environment for the baby.  When the mother is less stressed so is the baby.

Advanced training is typically required to ensure the special needs of the mother are appropriately addressed.

Special Care is taken to ensure comfort

Pregnancy Massage can be done in a number of different ways.  In all cases, care is take to support the mother’s belly  so she feels safe and comfortable.  Lots of soft pillows, cushions and bolsters are used in special ways to prevent any additional strain on the lower back and pelvis.

Prenatal Massage Treatments typically occur in the second and third trimester when physical changes are greatest.  This is when the new mother is feeling the most discomfort from larger breasts and a protruding belly. This creates additional strain on the legs, back and neck as the body seeks to realign its center of gravity.  Massage Therapy is the ideal treatment to help provide comfort and relief for the mother to be.  Please note it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Benefits extend to getting relief from the normal but uncomfortable changes experienced during pregnancy, such as

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • low back pain
  • neck strain
  • cramping
  • better sleep
  • headaches
  • edema (or swelling)
  • relief of joint stress caused by weight gain
  • improved lymph circulation

Compassionate and nurturing touch is also a major much needed benefit enjoyed by mother’s to be.

The Unique Needs of A New Mother

Once the baby arrives, new demands are placed on the mother.  She is no longer responsible for just herself but another human being.  Additionally she is also concerned with restoring her body to its pre-pregnant condition.

Postnatal Massage can speed recovery by bringing relief to sore muscles that have been stressed during the prenatal and birthing process.  The mother then can relax more easily and is can only help her be a better and more present mother to her new baby. Because there is less stress and anxiety, she will sleep more deeply at a time when sleep is deeply appreciated.

Another way that post natal massage therapy helps the new mother, is through abdominal massage.  Abdominal massage can help shrink the uterus and even break up internal scar tissue.

Post Natal Pregnancy Massage helps ensure the mother’s needs are met, lowering her stress and healing sore muscles.  Giving her alone and quiet time during the massage is indeed a great gift that can help with symptoms of post postpartum depression.

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, Pregnancy Massage has many benefits for you and your baby.