Gain Clear Sight into 2020!

You are warmly invited to attend this special event

Sunday, January 19, 2020 from 11:00AM – 4:00PM.

Four experienced, gifted Intuitives are on hand to join with you to discern information through heightened perceptive abilities. You can gain insights, awareness’s, clarifications, and guidance on issues that are important in your life.

You might be amazed at the clarity of their expression and the depth of knowledge they have into issues that you are struggling within your life.  They can help you see the obstacles and roadblocks that keep you from moving forward.  Often opportunities are knocking on our door but we don’t hear them. With fresh awareness, we can “change the way we look at things” and as Wayne Dyer says, then” the things we look at change”.

We make resolutions in the New Year but they quickly fall by the wayside as we maintain our mundane patterns of living.  Begin this New Year with real resolve.  With expert guidance, look at life from a perspective of real honesty.  Own your creation and if you aren’t in love with your life, get the guidance, confirmation, and insight into what to do going forward. 

Sign up now as space is limited!  You are welcome to walk in, but you might be disappointed if appointments are full, your favorite reader is booked or you have to wait a long time.

Call (734) 416-5200 and reserve your time now! 

Make this New Year the BEST ONE EVER

You deserve it. You are Worth It.

Walk-ins welcome but space is limited.

Hurry. Sign Up Now to be sure you don’t miss this fantastic event.

Join us. You’ll be glad you did

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