About Us

BodyWorks Healing Center is an Award Winning Massage Therapy and Body/Mind/Heart/Spirit Integration Center, located in Plymouth, Michigan.  The Center was one of the first of its kind in Michigan and the Detroit Metro Area providing services that assist in the healing and integration of these aspects of our being.  We are specialists in physical, mental and emotional healing.

Our Mission:

BodyWorks Healing Center exists to facilitate your healing and provide a safe container for the healing to occur. We will assist you in understanding and addressing the obstacles that keep you from achieving optimal health and happiness in your life.

Our Philosophy:

We are here to facilitate and encourage your body’s own natural healing process.  We encourage and support you to take responsibilityJoy of Life for your health and wellness.  We  provide an integrative approach to healing by addressing the Body/Mind/Spirit/Heart connection.

We believe that our bodies are made up of energy systems.  When the energy is blocked, dis-ease and illness exist.  When energy flows health, wellness and vibrancy abound.

To support this philosophy, we offer experiential, alternative and traditional therapies that encourage and support this process. Deep, transformative and life changing healing is between you and God, Whomever you conceive Him/Her to be. We are also a learning center, providing you with the knowledge, skills and experiences you need to transform and uplift your life.  Our promise is that, when you leave our Center, you will feel better than when you entered.

Our 10 Point Commitment To You:

  1. Provide a comfortable, safe, compassionate environment conducive to healing and transformation.
  2. Provide the best service and experience available within the industry.
  3. Listen to you with empathy, compassion and without judgment.
  4. Maintain confidences.
  5. Educate and encourage you to feel empowered to respect, nurture and heal yourself.
  6. Help you understand and honor the relationship between body, mind and spirit and support your healing in all areas.
  7. Use our talents, skills and abilities to serve the higher good of our clients, our staff, our community and ourselves.
  8. Giveback to our community through volunteer efforts.
  9. Strive to bring peace and health to our little corner of the planet and yours.
  10. Make sure you leave feeling better than when you arrived.

 Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!