I Give BodyWorks A 10+

My visit was great.  Bob Aurebach is a Master Rolfer.  I feel like a new me.  With my body realigned, I feel rejuvenated, de-stressed and all my aches and pains are gone.  Even my focus is better! The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I give them a 10+.

Amazing How Relaxed and Peaceful You Are

Sue and I went to Bodyworks Healing Center in Plymouth tonight for the meditation/ Singing Bowl Meditation. It was a very peaceful evening that helped all of us after this crazy week. Thank you Antonio Sieira for inviting me to your meditation. It is always amazing to me how relaxed and peaceful you are after Read More

I’m So Happy!

Every time I walk into Bodyworks I am greeted with smiling faces. I have had reiki services, been to classes and meditation and all were uplifting and informative. Every time I go I experience or meet someone new that reaffirms I am right where I’m supposed to be …  I’m so happy there is a spiritual Read More