Inspiring Events and Self Growth Classes at Bodyworks, Plymouth Michigan

As much as BodyWorks is an Award Winning Healing Center, it is also a Community Learning Center.  Located in Plymouth, Michigan, BodyWorks was one of the first locations in metro Detroit and South East BodyWorks-The Suns rays passing peacefully over BodyworksMichigan to develop a curriculum of Alternative Healing, Self Help, Self Growth Classes and Workshops.

A peaceful, happy and healthy life is one based in balance.  Our classes are designed to do just that; help you bring more balance and peace into your life and relationships. So what are you waiting for. Get Inspired and Sign Up Today!

You must pre-register and prepay for all classes and events (even the free ones) unless otherwise noted.  You can do so by calling the Center at 734-416-5200 or by registering online.  Because classes can fill up early or may need to be rescheduled, it is best to sign up early (no later than 7 days before the class date) if you want to be sure to attend the class at the time indicated.

Full refunds are available for cancellations that are made at least 7 days before the class date and within 48 hours of when you paid for the class, regardless of when the class is.  Please click here for the full details of our cancellation/commitment policy.

Free Podcast

FREE  on the evening of the Full Moon;  9:00PM – 9:30PM  Using conscious breathing and guided meditation, Dave and Pat Krajovic (founders of BodyWorks Healing Center and Ascension Breathing) will guide you in different meditation each month.  Join them as they lead you to clear old energy, negativity, stress and limiting thoughts and bring you into a state of bliss, peace, abundance and prosperity.  

Every month is a different theme.   


Upcoming Classes, Workshops & Events


11/2,  11/7,  11/9,  11/16, 11/21, 11/28;  Open Mindfulness Meditation: 6pm-7:30pm
Calm your mind, find your center  and experience peace within.  Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, gain clarity, sleep better, enjoy life.  $15/session or 6 for $60.  734-416-5200

11/4: Podcast: Conscious Rising; 9-9:30pm
Find relief from the woes of the world. What the world needs now is you.  It needs you to rise up to the occasion and expand your consciousness to new and higher levels of being. Stop struggle, let go of thoughts and patterns holding you back, and expand awareness to not only experience peace but bring peace to the world. Join David and Pat as they illustrate how in this state of being you will not only have more energy, a renewed sense of hope but how you will hold the power to change the world and claim the life you always wanted.  Learn more by joining us at

11/5 From Ordinary to Extraordinary, A One Day Intensive To Create An Exceptional Life: 9am-4pm
Life is not meant to be stressful, rushed and hard. As we strive for more good in our lives, we know something better is possible. This experiential workshop helps you remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your success. Discover valuable secrets and learn new ways of being that will uplift you, enlighten you and enrich your life as you make the shift from Ordinary to Extraordinary Living. $197.  734-416-5200

11/6 6-7:30pm 11/13 10:30am-12pm  Consciousness Rising  Breathwork/Meditation:
Disintegrate stress, negativity and limitation as powerful energies of meditation and conscious breathing uplift your spirit, calm your body/mind and restore balance. Includes invocations, music, guided meditation, affirmations, and hands on facilitation. $29. 734-416-5200

11/8- Introduction to Pal Dan Gum QiGong: 6pm-8 pm
Used for millennia to promote radiant health, the 8 Silken Movements are easy to learn.   Experience meditation through movement in a mindful and graceful way.  Release stress and reenergize. Try it and believe it. $40. Repeat $20. 734-416-5200

11/14 The Mindfulness Meditation System™ (MMS): 6pm-8pm
So effective at creating a perfect “mind-body” meditative experience that it is trademarked by US Patent Office.  Learn powerful techniques to quickly and easily enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. $50. Repeat; $15. 734-416-5200.

11/15  Group Singing Bowl Bath 6pm-7:30pm
Experience sound and vibrations from 21 bowls to promote health, spiritual well-being and prevent illness. Calm you mind, delight the body and uplift your emotions as you bathe in the rich harmonics of the individual voices of these beautiful bowls. $20  734-416-5200.

11/19 Usui Reiki Level  3A Certification:  11am-6pm
Continue to grow your Reiki powers with this Level 3A class. Learn to construct  healing crystal array for long distance healing and work with symbols and other advanced Reiki techniques. Certification upon completion Reiki I, II, 3A, 3B.  $250.  734-416-5200


Save The Date

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

A One Day Intensive To
Create an Exceptional Life

Sunday, Nov 5: 9am-4pm

Nobody wants to live just a normal life but in many ways we all do. How many days do we get up feeling tired, lifeless and uninspired.  Another day,woman with arms outstretched in front of stonehenge another dollar we say.  We can’t wait for the weekend to live our life.  But this is not how life is meant to be lived.  Life should not be such a struggle with each day no different than the one before. Sometimes we just feel stuck in a rut.  Yet, we know something else is possible.

Break out of the rut and this program will help you do that by learning a new way.  You will discover valuable secrets to finding your joy and clear the roadblocks that will help you create an exceptional and enchanted life.

Presented by Dave and Pat Krajovic, founders of BodyWorks Healing Center & co-creators of the Ascension Breathing Process.

Call now to begin creating your exceptional life.  $197. 734-416-5200

12/3/2017 Peace on Earth Holiday Meditation with Ascension Breathing 10:30a.m-12pm
Unique, wonderful meditation/conscious breathing to access the Light, Love and Joy of the season. Open your Heart, come into a state of Gratitude, connect to Source and let the truth of who You are and All That is fill your awareness into a blissful state of being.  Join David and Pat for their well received Holiday Meditation and Conscious Breathing.  Get in the spirit now.

Call to reserve your space. $33. 734-416-5200

12/31 New Year’s Eve Peace Meditation 12pm-1:30pm
Start the New Year with a renewed sense of peace within. This meditation extends to all beings throughout the Universe with wishes for wellness, success, health, prosperity and sustained peace. Be the Peace. A fantastic way to transition into the New Year.

All are welcome!

Call to reserve your space. $20. 734-416-5200

How to Sign Up

Group of people laughing and enjoying life
Classes at BodyWorks enhance life making it more enjoyable

You can sign up for any class by going to our on line booking service.  Click here and search for the date of the class to sign up. You can also give us a call at 734-416-5200 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Please remember you must pre-register and prepay for all classes, even the free ones, if you wish to participate.  Class dates and times can often change at the last minute and we need to be able to contact you if there is a change.  In some cases classes can fill up early or need to be rescheduled.  It is best to sign up early (no later than 7 days before the class date) if you want to be sure to attend the class at the time indicated.

Full refunds are available for cancellations that are made at least 7 days before the class date and within 48 hours of when you paid regardless of when the class is held.  Please click here for the full details of our cancellation/commitment policy.