Mental Health


Hypnotherapy is becoming a popular and credible solution for many common issues including smoking cessation, weight loss and overcoming phobias. Hypnosis was approved by the American Medical Association in 1958. If you are experiencing any or all of the following symptoms, then hypnotherapy may be helpful for you: •  Stress •  Lack of confidence or self Read More


Psychotherapy examines the relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. By exploring patterns of thinking that lead to self-destructive actions and the beliefs that direct these thoughts, people can modify their patterns of thinking to improve coping. Psychotherapy is successfully used to treat a wide range of disorders including phobias, addictions, depression, anger and relationship issues Read More


Regression therapy has recently begun to emerge as a dynamic and vital therapeutic modality that is one of the most powerful forms of healing on the planet today. Regression therapy focuses on the discovery of the origins of a client’s problems.  Insights gained help you release obstacles from your past that limit your present.  You Read More