Deep Tissue Massage Plymouth Michigan

More on How Deep Tissue Massage Works For You

Inflammation is often the culprit to your well being

When muscles are stressed, they prevent oxygen and nutrients to get to the cells, leading to inflammation.  This builds up toxins since waste material cannot be removed.   Muscle simply no longer fire properly resulting inDeep Tissue Massage pain and dysfunction.   A Deep Tissue Massage helps loosen muscle tissue, release toxins from muscles and gets blood and oxygen circulating properly. Its goal is to release chronic patterns of tension through deep pressure in the contracted area.

Deep Tissue Massage Technique is specific to the need

Fingers, thumbs, elbows and even special pressure bars may be used to keep deep and to the core of the restriction.  Your Massage Therapist also work across the muscles fiber going in many directions and work the tendons and fascia as well.  Deep tissue massage can also help break up scar tissue and even eliminate it. A typical deep tissue session also incorporates many of the same techniques used in a Swedish or Relaxation Massage session.

Muscle tenderness

Because Deep Tissue Massage focuses on a specific area, it may cause some tenderness during or right after the massage. The tenderness, if any, dissipates quickly and will usually be gone within a day.  Some people actually enjoy the feeling knowing the muscle has been worked deeply and they are finally free of the chronic tension and pain they have been experiencing.  Drinking lots of water will help flush the metabolic waste out the tissue lessening the effect.

Massage sessions tailored to your unique needs

Because each person is unique, it is important to communicate with your Massage Therapist as to how much pressure is too much.  What is deep to one person may not be deep to another.  BodyWorks strives to create the best experience for you tailored to your unique needs, so we invite you to speak up in your Deep Tissue Massage session to be sure the deepness is right for you.