Malachite Assists With Transformation and the Symptoms of Ascension

Malachite Sphere

The Earth is changing. As we are ascending into higher levels of awareness and consciousness, so too is the planet. These higher vibrational energies can result in symptoms of cold, flu, headaches, muscle cramps and dizziness. These are known as ascension symptoms.

Affects On DNA

At this time our DNA is also being updated with new codes some of which help us safely hold these higher energies in our denser three dimensional bodies. Malachite aligns the DNA with our cellular structure, helping to alleviate these symptoms. Because change is happening at all levels, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, malachite is a good stone to help support us through change.

Spring Time, Transformation And Transitions

For this reason too, Malachite is an excellent stone to use in the spring because of the transition between the seasons transforming from winter to spring, preparing us for the blooming of our manifestations in the spring and summer.

Malachite also aids us with transitions and risk taking. Its green blue ray opens the heart and throat chakras, creating clearer communication through the unconditional love and compassion of our hearts. Clearing negative energy and lightening our hearts.

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