FREE Access BARS Session, January 6 at BodyWorks in Plymouth Michigan

Global Bars Day is here! Wednesday, January 6th!
What else is possible?

What could be better than gifting and receiving the change and space you’ve been asking for your whole life? The Bars are an amazing body process designed to create more consciousness for you, your body and the planet! More consciousness means more choice, and the availability to change your whole world!The Bars are 32 points on the head, that when activated release old programming which has been running silently under your conscious awareness, manipulating how you view life, and all of your actions. It is very much like de-fragging the hard drive on you computer. Once you remove all the broken bits and partial fragments from your being, what you are left with is SPACE! Glorious space in which to create by choice!

The points include many different areas such as money, body, healing, creating, control, awareness, joy, sadness and aging. At worst, having The Bars run feels like you’ve just had an excellent massage- at best it will change your whole world!

Join Bodyworks Healing Center, and thousands of participants worldwide, in Global Bars Day. With the energy from The Bars being accessed by so many participants- this wił be off the chain!
Come in for a 20 minute session.  It’s FREE.  If you choose to extend your session another 40 minutes to a full hour, then the cost is only $49.95.  Regular price for a full hour is $80.
Book by phone at 734-416-5200 and join us for Global Bars Day! 
How does it get any better than that? 
Book now!
Space is incredibly limited!

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