Using Crystals to Protect Yourself from Damaging EMF’s

Cluster of Clear Quartz Crystals

We are continually subjected to Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs), by cell phone towers, microwaves, TVs, smart meters, cell phones, wires in the walls and computers. It is much more prevalent than people realize or talk about. These energy waves can negatively affect our health over time.

Electromagnetic frequency smog is the invisible energy that’s emitted from electronics and other sources. After years of studies people are just now admitting how EMFs affect us and everything in

Man typing at desk
EMF’s from computers, phones TV’s and other sources can be harmful to the body

our environment. The very low frequency EMFs prevents cells from not being able to sustain their frequency to maintain good health. This affect has been known to turn healthy cells into abnormal cells.

Studies done with cows living under power lines and cell phone towers show high indications of tumors, cancer and birth defects in calves. Not only cows are effected but so are people of all ages, especially growing and developing children. Birth defects, tumors and higher rates of cancer are being reported occurring 40 – 50 times faster with the new 5g technology.

Children can get over exposed just by having to use electronic devices all the time in school. Kids are very intuitive and know what they need to be whole and balanced. A good practice would be to have the pick their own crystal to tape on their cellphone or computer to help balance the long term effects of the EMFs.

Crystals and Stones Can Protect You

Crystals and Stones can be used to absorb cleanse or protect us from EMFs the most effective way to use them in your home is to place one or more crystals directly on the area where the EMFs are highest.

Smokey Quartz, Malachite, Clear Quartz, Sodalite and Black Tourmaline are all great stones for clearing EMFs as well as limiting microwave, cell phone, TV and computer time.

variety of tumbled stones and crystals
Choose from a variety of crystals to protect you from dangerous EMF’s

Malachite a powerful earth healer absorbs plutonium pollution, radiation from a body or environment and EMFs. If there is an area or wall in your home that has an abundance of electrical wires, you will want to place a piece of Malachite on that wall or hanging the malachite in front of the area.

Lepidolite mops up EMFs from the environment and is excellent when used with Fluorite on computers. Other stones that clear EMFs are Amber, Tourmaline, Turquoise and Kunzite. Crystals that absorb EMFs are Smokey Quartz, Aventurine, diamond and Herkimers. Crystals that protect us from EMFs are Kunzite, Amazonite, Fluorite and Jasper. Wearing any of the protective stones will help any time you have short or long term exposure to EMFs.

Jennifer Vanderwal has been a Melody Crystal Healing Instructor & Facilitator since 2004. She is a master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoko system of Reiki. She offers readings, mediumship, spiritual counselling, EFT, teaches crystal healing classes and offers a variety of crystal healing techniques at Bodyworks Healing Center. Learn more by taking one of Jennifer’s Crystal Healing classes, Reiki or receiving a healing session with her. Call 734-416-5200 or book an appointment on line now.

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