Developing Inner Sight

Divine insight comes from the third eye. This is the chakra Jesus was referring to when he said " The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."  Miracles happen when we are connected to the will of the Divine rather then the will of the ego.

The Sanskrit name for the third eye chakra is Ajna or cave of Brahma (Brhama being the Hindu name for God the Father).

The third eye chakra is located in the center of the forehead, just above our brow line. It is linked with the pituitary gland, as well as our endocrine and hormonal functions. The color for the third eye chakra is deep indigo's fading into the void, wearing these colors stimulate our third eye chakra as well as our psychic senses. 

Foods that nourish our third eye chakra, hormones and endocrine system are dark berries such as blueberries, black berries and mulberries. This chakra also works with meditation, visions, psychic skills, soul journeying, intuition, astral travel, guides, creating through i-magic-ation, self image, colors, time lines and going within to find the answers. 

The tone for the third eye chakra is a very powerful tone often chanted to bring about protection, healing and spiritual ascension, the tone is "AUM"  and sounds like om in home. The AUM mantra can be chanted to open and cleanse all the chakras, stimulate the pituitary, hormonal and endocrine systems, strengthen psychic abilities and open us up to our spiritual ascension. Chant AUM 108 times at least once a day or for 15 minutes to a half hour. 

There are only a small handful of crystals that work to open and balance the third eye chakra.
* Amethyst is an excellent stone for relieving headaches, pain, insomnia and nightmares. Beneficial when used in meditation it calms the mind and anchors the higher guidance into our chakras. 
* Iolite Is a powerful ally when used during meditation, astral travel and healing, it contains powerful visionary medicine and is used by shamans. 
* Labradorite opens us up to universal all knowing, it stimulates all of our psychic centers. 
* Lapis lazuli enhances our psychic abilities, awakens our deep cellular memories and connects us in with ALL that is. 
* Moldavite enhances our psychic senses connects us in with infinite universal wisdom and knowledge, opens all of our chakras. 
* Sodalite provides access to the sacred laws of of the universe, its calming energies make it a great stone to use during mediation and for empaths. 
* Tanzanite has a very high vibration, enhancing our psychic powers, visions and connecting in with our guide's and All that is. 

Any of these crystals can be used during meditation, placed directly on the third eye chakra or holding it in your hand. The third eye chakra is about meditating and connecting in with the all knowing source within. There are so many benefits from meditation, doctors are recommending it for depression, heart disease, pain relief, high blood pressure and stress just to name a few. 

The main benefit of meditation I believe is that it helps us to remember we have control over our minds and what we are choosing to focus on in any given moment. For me, because I believe my thoughts create my reality, Its important for me to know I can control what I am thinking and manifesting at any moment. 

I also check in all the time with my mind to see what I am thinking/ creating in my life. I set up "soldiers" in my brain that remind me to check in and see what my brain is thinking, often its some silly song I heard on the radio and think gee all this brain capacity and this is how I'm using it right now? Then I start thinking  about what I want to manifest in my life instead. The real root of meditation isn't just learning how to sit and be quiet, it helps us to remember we are in control. Of course the silence aspect of meditating is nice too, there are days I crave it especially in stressful times. 

There are many forms of meditation, follow your heart to what feels good to you. I find guided meditations to be helpful for my clients who have tried meditating but say their minds are too active. There is a simple meditation that new monks are given, I like this one because it helps people be aware of how often our mind wanders. It's called the five count method, as you inhale, count say one, as you exhale, say one. Do this all the way up to five, if your mind starts to wander start at one again and keep trying until you can get to five uninterrupted. Meditation should be practiced at least once a day.

We started with the lower chakras becoming aware of our physical bodies and the earth, riding the kundalini up the spinal column to the higher chakras where we expand our psychic abilities, our connection and oneness with everything and everyone. Have fun 

Jennifer Vanderwal has been a Melody Crystal Healing Instructor & Facilitator since 2004. She is a master of the Usui Tibetan Karuna Seiryoko system of Reiki. She offers readings, spiritual counselling, teaches crystal healing classes and offers a variety of crystal healing techniques at Bodyworks Healing Center & Journey to Health Chakras.

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