We Need Your Help; Forgotten Harvest Fund Raiser

It’s fall and that means it’s time for our annual Forgotten Harvest Fundraiser. We take this event very seriously. Why?
We live in a country of plenty. Most of us cannot imagine not having enough food to feed our families. Consider for a moment what we waste: the outdated food in our pantries, the fresh veggies that spoil before we can eat them, the crops that rot on the vine, the meals from restaurants that never get eaten etc.  You can easily see that we have plenty of food! No person, not one, should suffer from hunger.

Forgotten Harvest’s Mission

is to provide nutritious food to the hungry AND to rescue nutritious food, preventing it from being wasted. They operate in the greater metro Detroit area, serving Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. What do they do? Wrap your mind around this:
  1. Their dedicate drivers cover 2,000 miles each day delivering food to 250 agencies, who then get the food to those in need.
  2. They deliver 3.75M pounds of rescued food each month! What this really means is that 1 pound of food is equivalent to 1 meal. This translates to 45M meals each year.
Feel inspired knowing your actions make a difference.

We Need You To …

  • Clear your shelves of clutter.  Donate your books and CD’s to this worthy cause. We are asking for products that promote self-help, new thought, spirituality, nutrition, stress relief, healthy living, wellness, inspiration, happiness. You know, it’s what BodyWorks is all about.
  • Buy some donated product.  It is the proceeds from the sale of the product that goes to Forgotten Harvest.  Drop by and shop the sale.

How You Benefit By Participating

  • You clear clutter in your home freeing not just space but the energy of the home as well.
  • Your donation is going to a worthy cause.
  • Someone buys your book their proceeds go directly to Forgotten Harvest
  • They buy your book and read it they get great content at a reduced rate and their life is uplifted
  • They feel good because their proceeds go to a good cause
  • and know that BodyWorks fully supports this fundraiser matching dollar for dollar the funds generated. Last year was our best year ever. We hope to beat it this year! Please help!
We are so deeply grateful to all who donated materials and are purchasing books. Thank you for your generosity. We are so thankful to all who come in this month to make a purchase for yourself, a loved one or friend. Your contribution will make a difference in someone’s life. Materials not sold are donated to the public library so everyone wins! Please, help someone in need. Know that as you give, you receive many times over. Thank you and may you be blessed. Time is running out so hurry in today!
We are accepting books and selling them through October 12, 2018.

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