It’s time for a change; we’re closing.

In each of our lives, there is a time when we are faced with making tough and challenging decisions, where life comes crashing down and is staring you in the face. I am at that place.

Who knew back in March when we closed due to COVID-19, that life as we knew it would so dramatically change? Time has shown that it has. Even now, almost 5 month later, uncertainty continues to challenge us.
Our Bodywork’s family has been pushed to the brink. Reopening strategies are arduous and costly, creating even more stress. As our economy reopens, the risk of exposure remains high and new cases continue to rise. It is getting worse, not better.

This anxiety is felt among our clients, as the vast majority are unwilling to return at this time. The economic impact to our Center is devastating.  
We have served the community for the last 23 years. Every moment has been our greatest privilege. I consider it to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. I have loved working with you and with our Bodyworks Family. My greatest joy was in offering help, support, hope, and healing to you and our community.
It is with deep sadness we announce that BodyWorks Healing Center must close effective immediately. 

We’d like to let you know what is going on with our staff:
Michael Hess has retired from the practice of massage therapy. We wish him well as he writes the next chapter of his life! 

Bob Auerbach has retired from the practice of Rolfing. We wish him well as he finds his bliss!

From Debra Hopper:
“After 10 years serving clients at BodyWorks, I am moving my practice online. I will be offering virtual sessions of Reiki, guided meditation and more. With underlying health concerns in my household, Covid-19 has challenged me to take my work in a different direction. I am saddened that I won’t be helping clients through touch, but I am keeping my heart open to helping people through other methods.” Learn more about Debra’s plans by visiting

From Erika and Julio:“First and foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Pat and Dave, Bodyworks, my fellow healers, and my beautiful clients for their years of love and support.In keeping with current health and safety recommendations, I will be practicing in a very limited capacity moving forward. This is the approach that provides the most peace of mind until such time as the wellness of both my clients and my myself can be confidently ensured.Holding you all in love and light,”

Charles Clagg will be offering services in your home by appointment. He loves the practice and is excited to continue to serve you. You can reach Charles at  

Jennifer Vanderwal will continue to offer her services by appointment at a location in Westland. She is a Reiki Master, crystal healer. She does chakra balancing, cord cutting, past life ascensions and more.  Reach Jennifer at

Dr. Anotnio Sieira regrets that, due to underlying health concerns in his family, he cannot meet in person at this time. He is available, however, for psychological counseling, hypnotherapy and regression therapy via zoom. He will also lead meditation and qi gong via zoom by appointment. You can reach Antonio at

Amy Brusca Amy is retiring from massage. She is now a Nanny. She is deeply appreciative of the relationships she has formed over the years. We wish her every success.

Pat Krajovic After nearly 23 years of practice in bodywork, emotional release work, and breath work, I am taking my practice on line. I am available to do long distance healing, Pranic and Esoteric Healing, Reiki, guided meditation, and breathwork. I will also be expanding my offerings to formally include spiritual coaching. Find me at for the near future. My new site is under construction and will be It has been the deepest honor to serve you. We are so deeply grateful for your trust, loyalty, and patronage. You have been a part of our BodyWorks family and we truly love and miss you. It is heart breaking to stop doing the work we love with the people we love. We know, though, that life is full of uncertainty and it is in finding resilience and adapting to change that we often find the most growth. As the sun rises each morning, it brings the hope and inspiration for fresh starts, new beginnings. We remain curious, excited and optimistic about our future. We hope you share this too.

Our wish for you is that you experience peace, good health, prosperity, hope, trust, and happiness always. 

Holding you in our hearts with the deepest sense of gratitude.

Pat, David and our BodyWorks Family

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