Forgotten Harvest Food Bank Fund Raiser at Bodyworks in Plymouth Michigan

Thank You Everyone for your past support of our Used Book/CD/DVD Fund Raiser.  Over the years through your donations of books, DVD’s and CD’s, your purchases of the gently used donations and the 1 to 1 match made by Bodyworks; we have raised thousands of dollars to support those who are in need.  Even in our community, the Plymouth, Canton Community, there are those who are hungry.  Children whose best meal and maybe only meal is the one provided for by the school lunch program go hungry.  At one time I had worked with the Wayne County Community Action Agency and there I learned the truth.  I was shocked to learn the need is great and close to home.

And so we begin this journey again and ask for your support to help the hungry and at the same time feed your soul.  Please donate your books, cd’s and dvd’s for this worthy cause.  We ask for not

Children with arms outstretched.
Thank you for caring

just any book but those that are inspiring, uplifting and raise consciousness.  All self-help, self growth, personal development, new thought, spiritually based content is welcome and wanted.  ALL PROCEEDS will go to Forgotten Harvest Food Bank.

Generate GOOD KARMA.  Donate Now!

The book sale will run from September 1 through October 5, 2018.  So start clearing out those shelves and Donate Now!

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