Can Meditation Help Your Brain?

Meditation slows the aging of the brain

Did you know that practicing meditation daily can help your brain? The University of California studied the brains of people who meditated regularly compared to those who do not. The meditators had more grey matter in the brain than those who do not meditate. Why is this important?

Grey matter is the tissue that helps us process information. Did you know that the grey matter starts to lose its volume when we are in our late twenties, and continues to decline as we age? This has serious implications for memory and brain functioning as we age. Studies show that meditators actually lose less grey matter volume and may actually experience other gains in brain functioning, particularly in the prefrontal cortex and the insula. These regions play a role in processing sensory information, attention, and internal body sensations. Also, meditation strengthens the left hemisphere of the hippocampus and the temporal/parietal junction. These areas affect executive functioning and empathy.

There are many benefits from a regular meditation practice. If you haven’t yet committed to sit, maybe the fact that meditation helps slow the aging of the brain may compel you to come sit with us.

If you need help developing a practice, come to a meditation class and experience the benefits as you learn the process. We would love to support you on your path. Check our calendar of meditation classes or visit our website at or call us at 734-416-5200 for the next upcoming class. Hope to see you there.

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