A 7-Step Approach To Feeling Beautiful After 40

iintegrative nutrition and anti aging health coach

Vikki NarayanHi! My name is Vikki Narayan, your Anti-Aging and Hormone Healing Coach. I invite you to discover how to look and feel 10 years younger and reclaim your inner and outer glow.

My work is specifically designed for you

A woman over 40, who is ready to embrace her age and radiate her inner and outer beauty and share it with the rest of the world.

There is a lot of confusing information about what to eat and not eat, which products are beneficial for your skin and which products can be harmful, but I am here to put it all into perspective.

Just like you, I am also a woman in her 40’s.  I share the same concerns and fears about aging as you. I started to notice wrinkles where I never had any, getting 8 hours of sleep became a dream and not to mention the effects that my hormones had on my skin, hair, weight and even my mind. I knew there was a better way to age gracefully.

My philosophy on health is that optimal wellness not only comes from good nutrition but from the interaction of many key factors in your life. I’ve developed a 7- step approach that gives you exactly what you need, nothing that you don’t and shows you how to look and feel beautiful after 40.

It’s not only the food on your plate that makes you healthy. Other important factors that contribute to your overall health and well being are your relationships, physical exercise, having a positive mindset, creating a spiritual practice and learning to enjoy life again.

I cover it all in my one-of-a-kind signature program

If you’re ready to:

  • Feel confident in choosing the right foods to eat for you body without guilt and deprivation Fresh vegetables
  • Finally uncover what’s going on for you, your weight, your hormones, how this is affecting what matter most to YOU and how you’d like it to be different
  • Look in the mirror and embrace your new youthful beauty
  • Look forward to going shopping and buying that little black dress you always wanted
  • Enjoy your relationships – with yourself and others – on a deep and more meaningful level
  • Wake up restful after a good night’s sleep

I can help

If you’re serious about solving your aging, hormone and beauty after 40 challenges, then you’re invited to learn more by signing up for a Beauty Through Wellness Breakthrough Session. Normally, I offer this confidential introductory session for $47, but as a new client welcome gift, this session will be FREE until January 31.

You can read more about Vikki at www.mywellnessnurse.com

Click here to check out the other programs that Vikki offers at BodyWorks.

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