Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage

Enjoy Peace Unlike Any Other

For thousands of years, singing bowls have been used to induce a deep state of meditation. There use to restore peace to the body has stood the test of time. Tibetan Singing bowls create a wide variety of harmonious and soothing sounds, which when played, restore vibrational frequencies of the body – mind – emotions to a normal, healthful vibration. Imagine your body resonating in harmony with the Universe.

How Tibetan Singing Bowls Can Restore Balance

The practitioner surrounds the body with bowls.  Each bowl has its own unique voice and tone.  When the practitioner gently strikes the bowl with a mallet, the bowl “sings” its song.  Like listening to a symphony of well-tuned instruments, the bowls resonate their magical voices in blissful, mystical sounds that are pleasing, enchanting, and healing.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Improve Brain Wave Frequencies

The vibration of the bowls initiates the entrainment of our brainwaves to synchronize with the resonance of the bowls. These unique tones and vibratory frequencies create an idea state for deep meditation, enhance intuitive abilities, and creative thinking.  The brain waves switch from Beta, in our normal, waking state to more Alpha and Theta.

Helping Heal The Whole Body

The sound waves are said to stimulate our immune response, reduce stress, harmonize the body’s cells, balance the body’s energy systems, and calm our emotional turmoil. The sounds emanating from the bowls also help with pain management and relief.   Singing bowl therapy is a powerful tool for anyone suffering from chronic pain, and for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation.  While there are no conclusive scientific studies to support the healing properties of the bowls, cancer patients who have undergone singing bowl therapy to assist with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation report that they experienced a deep sense of peace, hope, and well-being, reduced stress, and a decrease in pain. The treatment is also effective for people suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, , insomnia, and memory loss .

Singing Bowls Produce A Deep Meditative State

Scientists know that meditation can reduce the effects of aging and offer many other mind/body improvements.  If you want to alter your state of consciousness  and increase your awarenessantonio-with-singing-bowls and insights, this therapy is perfect to support you on your path. The pure sound waves which emanate from the singing bowls stimulate our abilities to “hear,” not only with our ears but also with the vibrations that stimulate, enhance, and harmonize with the constant vibration of our body – mind – emotions.  It enhances a deep sense of tranquility, connectedness, and facilitates a deeper state of sleep.

Group Tibetan Singing Bowl Baths are available from time to time as well as Private Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage Sessions.  Both are available at BodyWorks in Plymouth, MI and are facilitated by Dr. Antonio Sieira.