90 Day Health Wellness Intensive

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Welcome to Your Transformation!

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt energized, empowered and comfortable in your own skin again. You’re busy, busy, busy, and you haven’t found the time to take care of yourself the way you know you should. You feel stressed out and quite frankly, a bit worn out. You know things need to change but you aren’t quite sure where to begin. You’re certainly not alone, and the good news is that I can help! Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way deserve to feel.

Elevate Your Well Being

You’ll gain clarity and sharpen your eating intuition, as you begin to align with exactly what your body needs in order to elevate your well-being and discover your inner healthy!

We will help you design a step-by-step plan to map out and reshape all the elements of your life that aren’t working for you, because we know that you are more than just a sum of your parts.

Enjoy the security of knowing that your own personal health coach is fully committed to enhancing and helping you engage in rebalancing your wellness, through a series of relevant monthly sessions, specifically designed to get you on the right track to success!

Commit to Yourself

We urge you to commit to yourself and take this first critical step in forging a new you, one that aligns with your true sense of purpose and happiness to create the life you want, the energy you need and the vitality you deserve!

Imagine being guided through a simple, step-by-step process so you can look better, feel better and live better!

If you have the desire to pursue change, but don’t feel confident that you could achieve it alone then this program is for you.

During This Program You Will:

  • Discover why it’s not just about what you eat
  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Learn common causes of cravings and how to tame them
  • Discover how stress and sleep issues can affect health and weight loss
  • Receive time-saving menu planning tips and healthy recipes
  • Find out how to simplify portion control and not feel deprived?
  • Experinece the joy of mindful eating is and how it can help you reach your goals
  • Create an easy plan for exercise that doesn’t involve spending countless hours at the gym
  • Learn and enjoy MUCH more!

Your Program Includes:

  • One 45 minute in depth Health History Consultation in person
  • Two 45-minute sessions per month ( by phone or in person)
  • Unlimited e-mail support between sessions
  • Tasty recipes that are simple to prepare
  • Coaching and guidance to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • Simple, but informative handouts to boost your nutritional knowledge
  • Access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes
  • Vikki’s personal commitment to your health and success

Not sure which program is right for you? Then sign up for a 30 minute discovery session to learn which program best suits your needs and goals.