Lymph Drainage Massage

Aches, pains, low energy and susceptibility to illness may be due to slow moving lymph and a compromised immune system.

Your lymph system is working hard to keep you healthy. Without it your body would swell up like a balloon and drown your cells in stagnant waste fluids.

Lymph drainage massage can increase lymph flow 20 times and enable your body to reach its maximum health potential It is an effective way to clear the body of toxic material and encourage a healthy and happy immune system. Any kind of injury or overuse condition can benefit from lymph drainage massage.

After the initial inflammation has reduced, lymphatic work is used to accelerate and enhance the healing. Lymph drainage massage is used by progressive hospitals for pre and post surgery treatments to encourage healing. It can significantly reduce recovery times. Because it helps to clear the tissue of debris, it reduces the minor edema that occurs. Continued applications of lymphatic drainage while healing can enhance the tissue regeneration process by keeping the tissue as healthy as possible.

A 2 hour full body detox session is a fantastic way to clear the entire body and jump start the body’s natural ability to keep lymph flowing. One hour sessions can be scheduled to work a specific area but does not allow enough time for more than one area to be treated. Many people use lymph drainage massage to compliment and herbal detox or a juice fast. Coupled with an infra red sauna treatment, this is a powerful way to rid the body of its toxins and create a healthy state of well being.

There are but a few contraindications for lymph drainage massage. They are: acute inflammation, malignant tumors, thrombosis and major heart problems.