Massage – The Perfect Valentine’s Present

Couple on lakeside cuddling


Our Favorite Gifts

Our favorite gifts are the ones that allow us to express emotion and make us feel special,” said gift expert and author of The Perfect Present, Robyn Spizman.

“They are personal expressions of our feelings for each other.” One survey found that 46 percent of the respondents said that they think flowers and candy are too nonspecific to show someone you care about them, and 51 percent would not care if their significant other passed on Valentine’s Day gifts.

A gift of massage is a welcome exception: a caring gift of therapeutic, healthful touch. If your special someone has never had massage, don’t be afraid to introduce them to it.  According to one consumer survey, first-time massage clients regard their massage experience as highly positive. If they are fearful about trying it alone, then book a Couples Massage Session and support them with your very presence!  What a gift!

Consider also that Massage is a “green” gift — one that satisfies the increasing consumer demand for experiences instead of more possessions. Massage is the kind of present people of all ages are looking for, and it matches most everyone’s values and budgets.

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