Infra Red Sauna

Chemical and heavy metal toxins are now pervasive in our lives and NO ONE is without exposure, even before birth.

These toxins can …

  • Damage DNA
  • Lead to neurological problems
  • Disrupt the functioning of hormones
  • Impede the absorption of nutrients
  • Damage energy metabolism and
  • Can manifest as one or more of a long list of symptoms.

These problems can strike even early in life, though when they afflict older people, are sometimes dismissed as a “natural” consequence of aging. We think none of these problems should be an accepted part of modern life.

No other solution comes close to correcting toxic exposure like our Thermal Life infrared sauna. It is recommended by the most health practitioners including some of the most respected and cutting-edge experts in their fields. Our infrared saunas are found world-wide in some of the most progressive clinics, as well as the homes of people who make health a priority.  And now you can have access to this leading edge, life enhancing technology right here at BodyWorks.

Every day you are adding to your internal toxic burden with further exposure – there is no better time to start changing that than today.