Regression therapy has recently begun to emerge as a dynamic and vital therapeutic modality that is one of the most powerful forms of healing on the planet today.

Regression therapy focuses on the discovery of the origins of a client’s problems.  Insights gained help you release obstacles from your past that limit your present.  You may be able to change unwanted relationship patterns, fears, inappropriate cravings and dislikes.  Stubborn problems like being overweight and smoking often respond to this form of treatment.

Regression therapy can also help you to re-discover talents, skills and abilities that you learned in the past.  If you’ve been setting goals for years and doing your best, yet your career remains stalled, consider that you may remain stuck because of some subconscious memory.  Clear the memory and create different results.

Benefits of Regression Therapy Affect All Levels of a Person’s Being:

  • Mental results: improved clarity, mindfulness increases, self-knowledge is enhanced, insights into other people and situations are gained and liberation of limiting beliefs.
  • Emotional results: inner calm is achieved, self-acceptance and self-confidence gained, improved relationships, restored empathy, healing of phobias, release of feelings of guilt and shame, positive outlook toward life and ability to safely feel and express emotions.
  • Physical results: reduction in psychosomatic complaints, weight loss, smoking cessation, improved energy levels, better sleep, reduced bodily tensions and hypersensitivities.

Permanent Change

No matter what the illness or symptom, it has a cause.  Permanent change occurs when we make a change within our system that affects the root cause of the problem.  Regression therapy helps do that by accessing frozen energy created by forgotten experiences. Regression is discovering past experiences that have been ignored, forgotten or repressed and have caused present symptoms and complaints. But it is also used to reactivate our normal state of being, which is a healthy, happy, vibrant, positive, and passionate feeling toward life.

Emotional Wounds Are Causal

Those forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent half-conscious convictions. They are represented in the body as a frozen energy that tempers every aspect of our lives.  It is as if you are looking at life through a cloudy filter.  These filters create programs (“character traits”) that we live by.  They are hard to change.  In fact, change can only happen when we understand how they were caused and why we have held on to them. Finding these undigested experiences unlocks emotions and brings insight into how present complaints have their roots in those experiences.

Ultimately, these experiences contain negative emotional content and will cause harm to our physical being. The goal of regression therapy is to isolate these negative emotions, disintegrate them and let them go.  This frees energy for peak performance and helps prevent illness and disease.

Once the connection between the physical symptom and its related negative emotion is made, the client is regressed to the point that the emotion was stored. But rather than experience the negative event traumatically, the client freely chooses to relive the experience differently and can attach a positive and more beneficial emotion. The link between the physical symptom and emotional pain is broken.  A new sense of optimism, health and well-being is now available.

Rapid Results

Because of its direct path to the causal point of the condition, regression therapy is much faster and much more effective than either classical forms of psychoanalysis or regular forms of behavioral therapy. Those experienced with Regression say the healing benefits are almost immediate. As Dr. Brian Weiss, New York Times best-selling author said, “You don’t need six months of trust,” he explained. “This is the fast form.”  Regression helps you learn from the past so you don’t make the same mistakes again in the future.

Regression is not Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy

Regression is different from psychotherapy or hypnotherapy in that the therapist does not analyze the relationship someone had with a parent, but they explore the defining moments of that relationship: the first day of school, the birth of sibling, the divorce of a parent, a shouting match … it could be anything.  The therapist helps the patient relive the experience but in a safe, caring, compassionate environment where safety was previously not an option.

Past Life Regression

The primary focus of past life therapy is in resolving current life issues rather than examining past lives. Its focus is the discovery of the original causes of a client’s problems and operates on the theory that origin of today’s problem may reside in a past life, real or symbolic, and in its willingness to explore this possibility with clients. For example, some find that their fear of water is cured when they discover they had drowned in one of their past lives.  Others may be regressed to cope with grief after the loss of a loved one, as it’s believed we’ve shared past connections with friends and family, and will reconnect with them in the lives to come.

BodyWork’s Offers Two Different Types of Regression Experiences

  1. Past Life Ascension – A gentle and nurturing way to learn about your past lives without emotional attachment.  During the session Crystals & Healing Crystal Arrays along with guided meditation are used to view your past lives. These tools will help you go deep, come back with a clear view of your past lives and how you can incorporate this knowledge into your life today.
  2. Regression Therapy with Mindful Integration –  In this session we will help you gain insights to release obstacles from your past that limit your present. We will also help you re-discover talents, skills and abilities that you learned in the past.We will discuss your issues and agree on your goal. You will then be guided into a light and relaxing trance state. This is usually sufficient to recall memories from earlier in your life or for past life memory recall, bringing awareness of the cause, not a reliving of the issue. There is nothing to fear only excitement for a different life free of the burdens of the past.

    After the regression session we will debrief, discuss and integrate what was learned so that you can return to more a healthy, happy, vibrant, positive, and passionate feeling toward life.