Vita Flex Technique

Vita Flex Technique is a powerful ancient Tibetan Healing Technique.  It is effective when used alone but is even better when combined with other modalities for the synergies that are created.  This is especially true when combined with Raindrop Technique.

Vita Flex is used to stimulate all the body systems on a physical and emotional level leaving you in a state of peace and tranquility.

It is said that the Tibetans created Vita Flex even before acupuncture making it one of the oldest healing techniques known to man.  It translates as “vitality through the reflexes”.

Vita Flex Restores Balance In The Body’s Electrical System

At first glance,  Vita Flex Technique seems a lot like Foot Reflexology.  Like Reflexology, many of the same reflex points are stimulated in Vita Flex but the technique of doing so is different.  In either case, an electric charge is created that is beneficial to the body jump starting various organs and systems to perform at optimum levels. The energy transfers to nerve pathways and repairs gaps in the circuit making for a complete circuit.  It was the gap that created the adverse symptoms in the body.

This is kind of like repairing a short in electrical wiring.  The light can’t turn on no matter how much electricity you try to push through the line, until the short or break in the line is repaired.   Although to this point the technique is similar to Reflexology, this is where the similarity ends.

Vita Flex uses essential oils but Reflexology does not.  Essential oils contain vibrational energies and possess electromagnetic properties.  Because of this using essential oils in the Vita Flex process, enhances the affect.  This is why it also works well with Raindrop Technique.

Specific Benefits of Vita Flex Technique

  • Restore balance to nerve pathways (similar to acupuncture)
  • Can bring the spine into alignment
  • Brings organs and systems into balance
  • Relieves stress and reduces overall body tension
  • Is detoxifying

Certain oils can be chosen to work on specific areas of the body.  Respiratory issues, sinus problems, tension headaches, lymph system are some of the areas that can be targeted to great affect.

What is also so vital and important about Vita Flex is that it is able to access systems that you cannot otherwise get to like the digestive system, circulatory system, the liver, heart, sinuses.

Vita Flex Technique has stood the test of time as one of the oldest healing techniques.  It is effective for restoring balance, improving overall health and well-being and just feels darn good.