Pillossage is a groundbreaking form of Thermal Therapy that is a fresh approach to helping your body feel good. The creator of Pillossage, Karen Kowal likes to refer to it as the “Yummy Factor.”  It uses Mother Earth Pillows® and the special skills of your massage therapist to create a massage session you’ll likely never forget!

Pillossage nudges muscles to soften and relax

The goal of Pillossage is to utilize special massage techniques that work through heat to support your body’s tissues while gently nudging them to soften and relax.  This is done without pain while using heated silky smooth Golden Flax and Herbal  Mother Earth Pillows®.

Pillossage produces amazing results

Your therapist will use slow, rhythmic, wave-like compressions and therapeutic stretches to affect all layers of connective tissues…down to the depth of the periosteum where the deepest pain may reside.  This is pain relief without the pain is what Karen refers to as the “Yummy Factor” mentioned above.  It produces amazing results which are achieved without creating ‘poking’ that can cause a guarding response and prevent a muscle fromPillossage nudges muscles to soften and relax relaxing.

Pillossage benefits last far beyond the end of your session

Pillossage can be used as a standalone therapy session or be integrated with other modalities.  Pillossage Thermal Therapy is perfect for people who live with chronic pain, high levels of stress or who are in need of rehabilitation. Benefits and results achieved with Thermal Connective Tissue Release last far beyond the massage session helping you to improve your quality of life.

Self-care is easy and effective with Pillossage

Your therapist can even teach you Self-Care techniques so that your therapy can be continued after your session.  The pillows that are used are made with Buckwheat or Flax and come in various shapes and sizes depending on your need.  Scented pillows with herbal blends can also be used.  While typically used for hot thermal treatment, all pillows can also be cold therapy and are available for purchase at BodyWorks.