Visceral Massage

Visceral Massage, or organ massage, is an extremely powerful form of release that unwinds tight and bound tissue allowing the body to function with more freedom, flexibility, energy and health.

For thousands of years, massage of the internal organs or viscera, has been part of a holistic approach to healing. Four hundred years ago, Paracelsus of Switzerland, taught his medical students to massage the viscera to treat various pain conditions and diseases. Manual manipulation of organs is widely used in Japan and China. In the U.S., visceral massage was documented as far back as 1895.

NMT pioneer, Paul St. John observed, “…How normal movement patterns of the body also produced pathological conditions within the internal organs,” thus noting the interplay between form, movement and function. It is important to understand that visceral structures influence somatic, glandular, and vascular function through communication with the nervous system.  Hence, the viscera while often ignored by most massage therapist and other healers can unlock decades of pain.

Visceral massage is the massage of each organ individually. It is not a free flowing session. There can be tenderness, but there is a sense of more energy flowing through the tissue after the massage. People report feeling less restricted and contracted and more relaxed, calm and peaceful as if something magical happened but they do not know what. When all else fails to correct a problem, Visceral Massage can often make a difference.