Esoteric Healing

The energy field surrounds and permeates all living beings. Within the energy field are seven major centers, the Chakras. They are located at or near, major nerve centers or ganglia within the body. Each of these Chakras energizes its related nerve center, endocrine gland and internal organ system. It is within this energy field that the cause of disease can be located. The practitioner identifies weaknesses within the energy field and uses techniques to bring balance and harmony to the system.

During an Esoteric Healing treatment a person may sit or lie down. No physical contact is required. The therapist reads the client's energy field and seeks out imbalances with the goal being to restore balance. Some individuals may feel nothing while others may experience deep relaxation, or movement. Since our mental and emotional states affect the energy field, thoughts and feelings may arise either during the session or even days later. Esoteric Healing works on the physical, emotional, mental and Soul levels of the body. As issues related to the Soul's purpose may arise, spiritual counselors are available to help the client understand what is transpiring and why. Hypnotherapy Psychotherapy and Regression Therapy may also be helpful in bringing conscious awareness to issues.