Healing Crystals

Science has verified that crystals, stones and minerals vibrate at certain energy frequencies unique to the type of stone.

Healing Crystals align and harmonize energy

Coincidentally, or not, out bodies also vibrate at certain frequencies.  Pain, illness and fatigue result when our body’s frequencies are out of alignment.  The use of crystals, stones and minerals and their unique energies, can assist you in healing and restore balance in your body’s vibrational energy.  The stones can harmonize your emotions, calm you mind and heal your body on a deep level.  Because of this, crystal healing is also a path to bring awareness of your higher self propelling you to new levels of personal growth.

When first receiving Healing Crystals Therapy, an hour appointment is recommended.  The practitioner interviews the client and gets a reading of their energy body.

Healing crystals facilitate the change we seek

Specific stones relating to the client’s  ailments client are then configured in a particular array to maximize the affect.  Arrays are configurations in which the stones are placed on or around the body. The combination of the stones selected and the array in which they are placed is important and powerful.  The right array mixed with purpose or right intention facilitates the change we desire.   If you are willing to let go, the session can remove the blockages in the aura or the body’s electromagnetic field that are the cause of your illness or pain.

Accelerated change through the practitioner’s touch

The entire process may be accelerated through touch as the facilitator can enhance the flow of energy. The practitioner places their hands on top of the individual stones to further help the flow of the receiver’s body.  Year’s of practice and study by the practitioner help to create more powerful and effective sessions for the client.

Gifts of awareness and insight

Insight and awareness are frequent gifts from the session.  The placement of the stones and their enhanced energy may help us actualize unconscious behaviors that might be contributing to the body’s physical and/or emotional dysfunction.  This clearing often provides inner visions or awareness that cannot be accessed through the normally cluttered energy body.

The entire process can be quite amazing, very relaxing, and promote an awareness of self never felt before.