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Benefits of a Balanced Sacral Chakra: Sensuality, Creativity, Intimacy and Emotional Calm

This month we will be discussing the sacral chakra. The Sanskrit name is, Svadhisthana, which means, sweetness. The sacral chakra is located two finger widths below the belly button and is the center of our creativity and pleasure. It deals with our emotions, creativity, sensuality, movement, change, intimacy, socializing, connection and sexual relationships. The sacral Read More

Soothe Pain and Discomfort With Mountain Essential Oils at BodyWorks

Mountain Essential Oils Works Miracles Being raised in Pennsylvania, we have a longing for the mountains ans so we recently traveled back to do some hiking near our hometowns.  We took our Puggle Oliver with us.  Oliver does not like car rides and lays on the floor of the back seat of the car.  When Read More

Stress Relief: De-Stressing the Body Naturally

Are you feeling anxious, tension, anger, depression, irritability, guilt or sadness? These are all signs of stress and doctors tell us that stress is responsible for 70-90% of all illnesses/diseases.  Not good!  But what is good is what you can do about it naturally.  Even long after the trigger of our stress is gone, our bodies Read More

Raindrop technique is simply amazing

Although we have been providing Raindrop Therapy Treatments for some time, we have not had any web content describing the treatment.  As I was writing the content, I was reminded of how simple yet powerful the therapy is.  The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of the oils when administered using special techniques and combined Read More

Grateful for Valor for its miracle inducing properties

Recently I was called home for a family emergency.  My Dad was hospitalized and it seemed that he might be ready to transition.  It was a very upsetting and stressful time.  I was exhausted, worried and stressed.  Staying at the hospital for long hours was trying as were family reactions and drama.  I had a Read More